Forms (Mannequins)

At Otjandaue Taxidermy, we take great pride in crafting our own forms (mannequins) for your prized trophies. We are privileged to source negatives (molds) from Wolfgang Hauser Forms in Germany, renowned for their exceptional attention to detail. Wolfgang’s expertise as a sculptor translates into highly accurate and lifelike forms for wildlife. Whether you require standard shapes and sizes or custom forms, such as a stealthy Kudu pose, we are here to meet your taxidermy needs.


Our facility boasts an in-house tannery where we expertly prepare capes for mounting and tan flat skins. The advantage of in-house tanning is our ability to maintain control over your skins from the moment they arrive. This meticulous oversight ensures that your skins are handled with the utmost care, reducing the risk of mix-ups and guaranteeing the best results for your trophies.

Trophy Mounting

Janet herself is at the heart of our trophy mounting process. Her hands-on approach ensures that every animal is mounted to perfection, and no detail is overlooked. We do not engage in mass production, prioritizing quality over quantity. Our unique location, with the tannery situated on the ranch, allows Janet to observe live animals daily, resulting in trophies that capture the essence of nature’s beauty.


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